Fiber Optic Testers

You need more than a second pair of eyes for some projects. You need innovation! At Discount Low Voltage we carry fiber optic testers, locators and meters so you can quickly and effectively install and maintain your fiber optic networks.
No one likes to focus on their faults, but when it comes to networking with fiber optics, you need to. Fault detectors/locators are lightweight, handheld devices that will help you troubleshoot fiber faults in your network, both single and multimode. Laser beams are coupled into an optical fiber, reflecting back on the fiber jacket when a fault is highlighted.
Our optic scopes support magnified video inspection on Windows platforms via an app or standard connection to a PC or laptop. You’ll capture fiber endface anomalies and save the images to your hard drive for further inspection.
Smaller field microscopes still give you dependable performance on the road. There’s no skimping on quality with these affordable & smaller scopes. You can inspect both multimode and singlemode connectors while still being protected with an infrared shield.
Easy to carry, store and use, handheld optical power meters are highly effective and feature convenient data storage. Shop our selection of single and/or multimode power meters in several different ranges.
Need a singlemode or multimode light source? Shop Discount Low Voltage for cost-effective handheld light sources and meters that are easy to use and worth their value.
We have all the other accessories you’ll need as well. Mandrel kits, visual fault finders, adapters, cleaners and cleaner refill cartridges are all available online.

Shop today and get it all. Remember, we offer free shipping on qualified orders over $200.