Reference#: 70174

Item#: EF-ESK1000

Item Weight: lb
Price: $219.50
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Additional per foot: Price: $219.50


IP Sidekick Multi-Functional IP Utility Tool

EverFocus' ESK1000 (aka "IP Sidekick") is a multi-functional handheld device to be used in conjunction with the EF Sidekick app. Users can connect their IP camera directly to the ESK1000 and see live video display with their tablet/smart phone device. This makes setting the camera's viewing angle easier than with the use of a remote computer or laptop.


  • Provides the ability to troubleshoot camera viewing angle, focus, zoom, and display setting on installation site
  • Works in conjunction with the EF Sidekick app (available for download via App Store and Google Play on your iOS and Android devices)
  • Streamline the process of a new IP camera installation
  • Provides power for one PoE camera
  • Single wired connection port with built-in WIFI and router capability
  • Detects and assigns an IP address to connected IP camera
  • Compact size for portability
  • Equipped with external WiFi router with a built-in DHCP server
  • Supports EF Sidekick mobile app for iOS
  • Multi-function use: tablet or smart phone charger (USB output) or wireless AP provider
  • LED indicators for Power, PoE, and charging status
  • PoE and DC Power Supply
  • High capacity power with lithium batteries (18650 type)
  • Specifications

    Cell Type: 18650(2950mA) x 4pcs

    Input: DC19V/3.16A

    PoE- 30W(Max)
    DC12V- 12V/1.5A
    USB- 5V/1A

    Overcharge- Yes
    Over discharge- Yes
    Short circuit- Yes
    Overheating- Yes
    Excessive Load- Yes

    Power/Capacity Indicator:
    Charging Indicator- Yes (Charging: Red/ Full: Green)
    Power Indicator- Yes (Blue<100%,80%,60%,40%,20%>)
    PoE Power Supply Indicator- Yes (Green)

    Dimensions- 76.2 x 25.4 x 156 mm
    Weight- 550g
    Operating Temperature- 0°C ~40°C