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CCTV installers often need to carry a variety of testing tools to complete their work. SecuriTEST combines the most-needed tools in one easy-to-carry package. Since all connections (video/ communications/DMM) attach to a single unit, SecuriTEST eliminates the need to juggle several devices while on a ladder or lift, making working conditions safer and increasing productivity.


Seven Essential CCTV Tools - Combines a CCTV video tester, PTZ camera controller, Digital Multi-Meter, UTP cable tester, video test pattern generator, PTZ protocol analyzer and camera programmer in a single compact package. Save Time & Money - Test, aim, focus and program cameras when working alone. Save time by not having to walk back to the control center to verify functionality of each camera. Compact Design - Combines all the most needed security tools in a lightweight, easy-to-carry unit. Sharp, bright 2.5in (6.3cm) color LCD screen with on-screen displays for PTZ control/diagnostics and DMM readouts. PTZ Protocol Analyzer - Compatible with 20+ PTZ protocols to test and program cameras in the field. Decodes and identifies output from PTZ console to aid in troubleshooting.


Size - Length, Width, Height - 1.6x3.7x6.7in, 4.1x9.3x16.9cm Weight with Batteries - 0.82lbs, 371g Battery Type - 1 x 3.7V LiPo, 2000mAh Charging Cycles @ 80% capacity - >300 Charging Time – 3.5 Hours Operating Time – 5.5 Hours