Wire and Cable Handling

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Whirlwind WD2 Reel (Medium Capacity)


Base Price: $

Price: $299.00

Additional per foot: $299.00


Cable Caddy Cable Spool Holder ** Discontinued **


Base Price: $

Price: $38.50

Additional per foot: $38.50

 Discontinued Item
Properly handling your wires and cables is important for several reasons. From a safety standpoint, keeping cords neatly wound prevents accidents on the job. From an efficiency angle, well-organized wires and cables help save time, leading to faster install completions and more jobs performed during your busy schedule — which in turn leads to more money in your pocket. An investment in the right cable-handling equipment will provide long-term dividends.


To ensure your wires and cables stay organized and stored for proper handling, it’s important to invest in reliable cable and wire handling equipment, such as caddies or spoolers. Here at Discount Low Voltage, we carry a selection of brand-name cable caddies and low-voltage cable spoolers and cable-spooling equipment at wholesale prices. Built to perform and to last, our wire and cable handling products are perfect for even the most demanding job settings. Learn more about their unique advantages below and order yours with 24-hour shipping from our team today.
For cable installation teams and repair technicians, knotted wires and cables top the list of difficulties on the job. Poorly organized wires and cables are also much harder to unload and install than those that are neatly wrapped and stored. Our cable caddies are designed to keep cables organized and portable for technicians on the go. Not only do they help cut down on job times — they also help keep those on your job site safe from trip hazards and broken cables.
We also carry a selection of industrial-grade cable spoolers, or reels, designed for space-efficient storage and quick cable distribution. Perfect for shops or service vehicles, our cable reels will help you optimize organization in any residential or commercial space.

When you are looking for high-quality hardware and highly affordable prices, there is no better place to shop than right here. Products such as our cable caddies and spoolers are available at wholesale prices. We back them all with 100 percent satisfaction guarantees and provide fast shipping. 
Even better, free shipping is available for eligible products on qualifying orders, and products shipped outside our home state of California pay no sales tax. Find the brand-name solution you’re looking for, at a price you can afford. Shop with us today, tonight or anytime from the convenience of your office, home, vehicle or anywhere else you have an internet connection.

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