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* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer


The Cable Caddy Cable Spool Holder saves you from jumbled messes and shoulder strain when you’re working with large amounts of cable. The innovative design on this cable caddy makes it easy to transport spools and reels of cables around job sites with convenient 2-handle construction. It can be used whether laying out cable in vertical or horizontal positions.

You can hold a spool of 25-pair cable up to 1,000 feet long on the Cable Caddy wire holder. The easy-to-use dual locking mechanism prevents spools from falling off of the cable caddy and acts as a support when using the caddy in a horizontal position. It comes in three parts that are simple to put together. The entire unit breaks down for easy transportation and shipping.

What wire spools will fit on the Cable Caddy?

Minimum arbor hole size required is 1.25"

Maximum arbor hole size is 3"

Maximum spool height when using vertically is 13"

Maximum spool width when lying flat is approximately 14" (Depending on arbor hole size, this may vary slightly. The distance from the top of the bar to the ground is 9")


The Steren Electronics Cable Caddy from is a great way to lay out cable when you have a long indoor or outdoor run. It’s also good for storing cable and keeps all wires tightly wound to prevent tangling or accidents. This wire dispenser is designed for either or both hands.

A cable caddy is great for use with:

RG59 coax 

RG59 Siamese for CCTV

Cat5e cable

Cat6 cable

25-pair telephone cable

You can expect your Cable Caddy to arrive in five business days with standard shipping. Go to our Cable and Wire Handling page for other ways to organize and spool cable.


When you have large spools of cable to manage, consider a Cable Caddy. Each holder costs far less than the cable that goes on it and is more than worth it for time saved. Discount Low Voltage has bulk pricing as well plus free shipping on qualifying orders.


Learn more about the Cable Caddy in our video below or give us a call toll-free during business hours. We’re here to assist you with your order in any way we can.