ITW Linx 66 Block 75V Surge Protector

Reference#: 72896
Item#: UP3B-75


Primary and Secondary Protector, 350mA Sneak Current Fuse, 2 LEDs to Indicate Protection and Ground OK.


* Dual Indicator Lights - Protection OK and Ground Connection OK

*  Solid-state Protection - Provides the fastest response

* Single Pair Protection - Scale the protection to the system size.Protect only the lines requiring protection 

* Streamlined Installation- Eliminate redundant cross-connects by adding protection directly at the 66 Block.  Press fit protectors to the block and attach the ground bar to the protectors.  A Screw Ground Lug also is required. (MGBSGL-1)

* Sneak Current Protection - Protects against fires caused by overloads and power crosses

* Cost Savings - Eliminate expensive five-pin blocks and use economical 66 Blocks

* Optimum Protection - Available in a number of voltage ratings to match system operating voltages

* Ideal for Retrofit Applications - Just remove the bridging clips from the block & replace them with the UltraLinx Protector, add  the ground connection and the pair is protected

* Lifetime Product Warranty - This surge protector shall be free of any defects in design, materials, or workmanship.