Wall Mount Racks/Cabinets

Wall mount data racks and data cabinets are the perfect solution for those installations that don’t need a full server rack or cabinet. At Discount Low Voltage, we have a wide collection of options, including fixed wall mount cabinets, swing-out wall mount cabinets, open frame wall mount racks, specialty wall mount brackets, small equipment enclosures and wall mount cabinet accessories.

By selecting the right wall mounted server rack, you’ll be able to save money and space in your building, In fact, you can make use of space in your office that currently goes unused with the right wall mount data cabinets and racks. If you have a small area available in your building for your data equipment, these wall mounted racks are perfect to conserve space.

Fixed wall mount cabinets are available in a variety of designs from Discount Low Voltage. You’ll find 
fixed wall mount cabinets with a glass door, a solid door or a vented door. We also offer rail kits for the wall mount cabinet that help you hang the rack on the wall, including both tapped rail kits and cage nut style rail kits.

However, a fixed wall mount is not a good idea if you need to access the rear of the cabinet to check on the equipment. In that case, a 
swing-out wall mount cabinet is a better option. This style of wall mount cabinet allows you to slide the unit away from the wall, allowing you open the back of the cabinet to check on the equipment inside. Open frame wall rackdesigns also offer a swing-out option or a fixed option.

When it’s time to pick a wall mount data rack or data cabinet, contact the customer service personnel at Discount Low Voltage. They can help you select the proper number of devices for your installation, as well as make knowledgeable recommendations on which models will deliver the best results. We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. Additionally, Discount Low Voltage delivers the best price points in the market, so you can keep your networking budget on pace.