Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinets


Swing-out wall mount cabinets let businesses adapt their network setup to the needs of their equipment and building space. Wall mounted racks and cabinets are a proven method for mounting equipment in compact spaces. Use data, internet, telephone and A/V devices in high-traffic areas or small storage closets.

These server cabinets have a 90-degree swing-out door to easily access cabling and terminations for easier installation and management. All front, rear and side doors look when not in use. Set the exact right depth for equipment using the 10/32 adjustable rails and hardware on these EIA-compliant racks.


Choose a swing-out wall mount cabinet for smaller networking systems where frequent modifications are needed. You can order them in heights from 10.5 to 48 inches in multiple styles for aesthetic and performance demands.

Glass door swing-out wall cabinets

Solid door wall mount cabinets
Vented door swing-out cabinets
Dual-hinged wall mount cabinets
Swing-out cabinet rails

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When you’re installing equipment in small offices or other buildings without server rooms, count on a fully assembled swing-out wall cabinet to do exactly what’s needed.

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