Wall Mount and Rack Mount Fiber Termination Enclosures


A fiber termination enclosure is a specially designed box or patch panel that contains everything needed to connect fiber optic cables for networking. These enclosures use patch cores, pigtails or optical cables to terminate your high-speed cables while distributing the connection network-wide. Ensure fast and secure optical fiber management for commercial or industrial LAN applications.

Wall mount termination enclosures will help save space in server rooms and networking closets, while rack-mount enclosures can be attached directly to server racks. These rugged metal boxes will protect your fiber cables and various accessories to successfully terminate, splice and route them.


Get an optical fiber optic terminal box or patch panel enclosure to manage your network without straining or fraying cables. They can be found in a number of panel sizes with various port amounts, adapter panels and splice trays.

1-, 2- and 4-panel Wall Mount Termination Enclosures
2-, 3-, 4-, 6- and 12-panel Rackmount Terminal Boxes
Single-mode Fiber Optic Adapter Panels
Multi-mode Panels
LC, SC and ST Enclosures


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