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Intellinet Wireless 300N Outdoor PoE Access Point


Base Price: $

Price: $198.99

Additional per foot: $198.99

Selecting just the right wireless access point for your network ensures that your employees will have the connectivity they need at all times. Regardless of whether you need high power or outdoor network access points, Discount Low Voltage carries the right hardware featuring the Intellinet brand name.

The wireless access point receives data from a connected Ethernet cable and then distributes it wirelessly over a large area. The wireless devices that connect to the access point are able to both send data to the access point and receive data from it. Wireless networking technology has undergone tremendous improvements in speed in recent years, providing a good reason for organizations to consider an upgrade from their current wireless access point equipment.

The Intellinet 
outdoor wireless access point option from Discount Low Voltage provides multiple functions within one device. For example, you can use it as a basic access point, for point-to-point connections, for point-to-multi-point connections, as a universal repeater or as an AP client. Additionally, the outdoor access point can withstand wind speeds up to 75 miles per hour, while also operating successfully in harsh temperature environments, ranging from negative 20 to 70 degrees Celsius. Should you not have AC power access in the location where you want to place the wireless access point, it ships with a Power over Ethernet port that delivers both data and power to the device.

To keep your indoor access point safe and out of the way, consider a 
ceiling mount wireless access point. The Intellinet access point we offer at Discount Low Voltage looks like a smoke detector. It’s compliant with the 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11n standard, as well as offering backward compatibility with IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11b.
For help with selecting the best network wireless access points, contact the customer service team at Discount Low Voltage. Our customer service advisors will help you figure out the correct configuration of network access points you need to provide full wireless coverage across your building or campus, all while fitting the equipment costs within your budget. Discount Low Voltage offers the best prices on wireless access points, while also providing a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.