BNC Coupler, Female-Female Straight Thru (75 Ohm)

Reference#: 72990
Item#: Z-200-160


BNC Female to Female Straight Through Connector (75 Ohm)

Made for extending a coaxial run

Additional Information:
The BNC connector is configured to process both analog and serial digital interface video transmissions. The connector is also capable of handling transmissions for audio interface as well.

Sizes available with BNC Connector
Typically, BNC connectors are manufactured with 50 and 75 ohm impedance capability, with the 50 ohm impedance good for frequencies of up to 4 GHz and the 75 ohm impedance for up to 2 GHz.

How can a BNC Connector be Used?
Many types of electronic test equipment components are configured for the BNC connector. Aviation equipment also frequently employs the use of BNC connectors as well. A third application is with amateur radio antenna connections, making it a popular option with ham radio operators.

Early in the development of consumer-based access to the Internet, the BNC connector was used with Ethernet networks. This application has mainly fallen out of favor, since modern Ethernet network components tend to use a construction that does not include coaxial cables.

Other Names for the BNC Connector
The BNC connector is often called other names. Among them are the Baby Neill-Concelman connector, the Baby N connector, the British Naval connector, and the Bayonet Nut connector.