AFL 12 Strand 50/125 Multimode OM3 Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Fiber Optic Cable - Black (Per Foot)

Reference#: 68244
Item#: AF-KQ012L611801-BIF


Versatile and functional, AFL 12-Strand 50/125 Multimode OM3 Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Black Fiber Optic Cable can handle jobs in many places. This cable is OFNP listed for indoor applications. UV stabilizer incorporated in its outer jacket makes it a solid choice for use outside as well, because it will resist the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. In addition, it is suitable for use in underground applications thanks to its anti-fungus protection.
This multimode fiber optic cable is ideal for campus network cabling for buildings with shorter inter-building distances. It will reduce the cost of terminating tight-buffered cables for fiber installers.
·Water-blocked cables exceed water penetration requirements of ICEA S-104-696 and GR-20-CORE
·Moisture-, fungus- and UV-resistant outer jacket for outdoor use
·Overall OFNP plenum rating suitable for most installs requiring UL flame ratings
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* Item # KQ012L611801-BIF replaces old item # KQ012L701801