Caddy 12" Mille-Tie, Low-Smoke/Halogen Free (100 pack) - YELLOW

Reference#: 70367


CADDY Mille-Tie cannot be over-tightened. The tie forms a smooth contour around the cables to eliminate gaps and pinch points, greatly reducing the chance of detrimental hot spots forming in the cable. They are easy to install, leave no sharp edges when cut and can be quickly removed by hand. Additionally, one strip can replace four or five conventional ties, reducing stock requirements and waste and speeding installation.

The CADDY® Mille-Tie from ERICO® is the 21st century method of quickly and economically bundling and positioning high-performance copper and fiber cable. The ties are ideal for use on power cables, conduit, innerduct, AC/MC cable in cable trays, non-continuous fasteners (J-Hooks, etc.), surface raceways, wireways, service poles and in-wall cabling. They separate cables for voice, data, video, alarm and building automation systems in horizontal and backbone pathways, simplifying installation and identification for testing and troubleshooting.

The innovative design of the CADDY Mille-Tie helps protect cables from installation damage and promote maximum signal throughput. Intelligent grip” technology naturally controls and adjusts the level of tension to help ensure the perfect grip. CADDY Mille-Tie holds cables in place and reduces the risk of compression damage and slippage problems often associated with traditional nylon and fabric cable ties.

Low-smoke/zero halogen certified.


  • Low Smoke/Zero Halogen Certified.
  • Maintains cable properties and conductor configuration
  • Protects cable from crimping with “Intelligent Grip Technology"
  • Cushions vibration
  • No sharp edges
  • One size fits all
  • Reusable