Caddy CAT32HP 2" J-Hook w/ Pin Driven Angle Bracket, CAT6a Compliant

Reference#: 70361


The CADDY CAT HP J-Hook System is an advanced, non-continuous pathway support solution for today’s high-performance cabling systems. Highly engineered features help ensure a stable and secure installation that complies with industry codes and standards for high-performance cables. CADDY CAT HP J-Hooks feature a 3” (76 mm) bend radius and comply with TIA standards for CAT 6A, CAT 7, and fiber optic cables. Many alternative J-Hook products do not meet the minimum bend radius required to install or support modern high performance data cables.

The CADDY CAT HP System is a cost-effective alternative to using wire mesh cable tray, ladder tray or similar complex alternatives. It requires significantly less material and installs in a fraction of the time of other methods. The CADDY CAT HP J-Hook System provides the perfect combination of performance, time savings and versatility required by today’s datacom and electrical contractors.

• Provides optimal support for high-performance data cable, up to and including Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7 and fiber optic
• Typically requires less time, labor and material for installation compared to cable tray systems
• Requires no screws, rivets or special tools for assembly
• Provides superior fill capacity and load rating over most other non-continuous cable support alternatives
• Offers a variety of attachment methods
• Engineered to accommodate future emerging data cables
• Recyclable and is produced with up to 80% recycled steel
• Uses up to 88% less material by weight than traditional cable tray methods
• Complies with EN 50174-2
• Meets ISO®/IECSM 14763-2, TIA 568-C and TIA 569-C


Why Choose CADDY CAT HP over tray?

Fast and Easy to Install
• Much faster installation compared to conventional cable or ladder tray
• One person can install J-Hooks, tray installation requires two or more people
• No grounding or bonding required
• No extra components to install

Simpler Solution
• Tray requires an additional support structure - CADDY CAT HP does not
• Eliminates the need for special tools or connection fittings
• J-Hooks allow for easy, no-cost directional and level change

Why Choose CADDY CAT HP over other non-continuous supports?
• Designed to help meet the requirements for high performance data cables
• Sturdy steel construction with superior cable capacity and load rating
• Fire rated solution to comply with project requirements


Material: Steel
Finish: Pregalvanized
Diameter (Ø): 2"
Area: 3.97 in²
Cable Capacity, Cat 5e: 90
Cable Capacity, Cat 6: 60
Cable Capacity, Cat 6A: 35
Hole Size (HS): 3/16"
Static Load (F): 60 lb
Certifications: cULus
Standard Packaging Quantity: 50 pc (sold individually)
UPC: 78285679348
EAN-13: 8711893133295

CADDY CAT HP J-Hooks have been tested to DIN 4102-12 and meet the requirements of E30 and E90. When project specifications call for a fire rated cable pathway, CADDY CAT HP J-Hooks are an ideal solution.