Ideal 38-500 Multi Purpose Cleaning Wipes (82 wipes)

Reference#: 76818
Item#: ID-38-500


The Ideal Industries 38-500 Multi Purpose Cleaning Wipes are ideal for quickly and effectively cleaning your hands, tools, and many other items. The tub comes with 82 pre-moistened wipes that are infused with Vitamin E and natural hand moisturizers. The orange citrus scent smells great and is residue-free & lint free, leaving your tools and work surfaces clean after use.

Ideal 38-500 cleaning wipes are tough enough to clean ickypick off of cables, in addition to noalox and dielectric grease. Also great for cleaning marker pens and paint from your hands. Wipes are double sided with a non-scratching, textured scrubbing surface on one side, and a smooth wiping surface on the opposite side.


  • Cleans dirt, grease, lube and grime
  • Pre-moistened wipes with sealing, moisture retaining canister
  • Extra-large towel for even the biggest jobs
  • Non-scratching, textured scubbing side for cleaning with soft & smooth wiping surface on opposite side
  • Infused with natural hand moisturizers and vitamin E to soften rough skin
  • Durable heavy duty fabric scrubs without tearing
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