Hyperline Cat 5e 350 MHz 4pr 24awg Unshielded Plenum White (1,000 ft)

Reference#: 70844


If you are looking for plenum cable, Hyperline Cat 5e 350 MHz 4 Pr. 24 AWG Unshielded Plenum White Ethernet Cable from Discount Low Voltage is made with top-quality copper wire and insulation materials. This bulk cable is sold in 1,000’ lengths and features easy-pull boxes and cable length markings on the jacket. 
Use this cable to provide optimal performance for your networking applications. This Ethernet low voltage cable meets or exceeds ANSI/TIA/EIA standards for efficient data transfer. 
·100 percent pure bare copper wire
·Bright, easy-ID colors on conductors
·Fire protection - CMP
This Hyperline cable is shipped in high-quality, easy-pull, bulk boxes of 1,000 foot length saving you precious time on the job.
A variety of shipping options are available, including free shipping for qualified orders over $200 and less than 40 pounds. Discount Low Voltage does not add any handling fees. Orders delivered outside California pay no sales tax.
Watch the brief video for a better look at this high performance Ethernet cable. For answers to any questions about this cable, call our helpful staff toll-free.


  • 100% Pure Bare Copper Wire
  • Easy-to-Use 1,000ft Pull Box
  • Cable Length Clearly Marked on Jacket Starting from 1,000ft
  • Bright, Easy to Identify Colors on the Conductors
  • Meets ANSI/EIA/TIA 568-B.2-1 requirements
  • Fire protection – CMP
  • The cable meets UL 1581 VW-1 fire safety standard
  • Specification

    • annealed bare copper 0.51±0.01 mm, 24 AWG
    • Teflon, minimum average thickness 0.19 mm, minimum thickness at any point 0.18 mm
    • Insulated conductor diameter: 0.9±0.01 mm
    • Blue-White/Blue,
    • Orange-White/Orange,
    • Green-White/Green,
    • Brown-White/Brown
    • 4 twisted pairs
    • PVC, minimum average thickness 0.45 mm, minimum thickness at any point 0.4 mm
    Outer cable diameter:
    • 5.1±0.2 mm
    Minimum bend radius:
    • 8xØ while installation, 6xØ while vertical cabling, 4xØ while horizontal cabling
    Standard package:
    • 18.5x37.5x36.5 cm (WxHxD) - 305 m
    Weight of cable without package:
    • 9.7 kg
    Weight of cable with package:
    • 10.5 kg
    Weight per 1 km:
    • 31.8 kg
    Rating temp:
    • 75°C
    Flame test:
    • CMP
    • UL444/UL910, TIA/EIA 568A