Stranded Cable

Whether you are installing a security system, intercoms, audio speakers or a similar system, you’ve come to the right place. At Discount Low Voltage we stock stranded wires and cables in a variety of gauges. Shop shielded and unshielded cables including plenum-compliant jackets.
In general, stranded copper wires are ideal for use in low voltage, power-limited circuits like security alarm systems, public address systems, intercoms, telephone stations, speakers, instrumentation, control panels and more. Each cable is made of bare copper conductors, a thin copper drain wire, PVC insulation, a jacket and ripcord.

The 22-gauge stranded wires come PVC-shielded, unshielded and plenum-compliant, with multiple conductors counts. Unshielded wires should be used for indoor alarm monitoring, temperature control systems and more. The shielded wires work great with access control and fire alarm systems. Plenum wires for camera surveillance and communication systems get your cables out of sight.

Shop the 18-gauge stranded wires which also come PVC-shielded, unshielded and plenum-compliant, with two, four, six or eight conductors. Plenum-compliant shielded wires feature a stranded bare copper conductor with an overall aluminum and polyester shield with drain wire. A nylon ripcord makes for easy jacket stripping. PVC-jacketed, shielded and unshielded, stranded wires are for use in similar situations.
Use our 16-gauge stranded wires like you would the 18- and 22-gauge. We have both two-conductor and four-conductor wires. The 14-gauge and 12-gauge stranded wire cables both feature two conductors, shielded, unshielded and plenum-compliant models.
Our stranded wires are made in the USA. Free shipping with qualified orders over $200.