Cable Tech Solutions 3 Hole 24"x7" Suspended Ceiling Cable Penetration Plate w/ 4" Cutouts (includes one CPP-4-R riser tube)

Reference#: 69296
Item#: CTS-CPP-4-H


Cable penetration plate comes with one 4" riser tube and can hold up to 3 total. Additional riser tubes available (use part # CTS-CPP-4-R).

Gone are the days of your techs spending time building uni-strut structures to hold a couple of conduits over a rack to feed cable down from the plenum space. The CTS Suspended Ceiling Cable Penetration System holds a 4" conduit in place and sits above a ceiling tile so you can easily and discreetly hold up to 3 conduits in a 2' x 2' ceiling tile.


  • Tube can be moved to any of three locations placing it in the exact location you need above you rack.
  • Zinc plated Steel is strong and slides to further accommodate the perfect location.
  • Assembly is supported by both the ceiling grid as well as four grid wire anchor locations.
  • Tube assembly is made from V0 rated materials!
  • Insert a 4" ridged conduit into the locking sleeve or use the sleeve as your pass though in the ceiling tile.
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA!