QBit SQ1000-S 1-Gang Electrical Box Saw (2.375" x 3.75")

Reference#: 73522
Item#: SQ1000-S



The Q Bit Wall Box Cutter is a recently designed tool that makes cutting in-wall boxes for cables and wires fast and easy! The QBit SQ1000-S from MagnePull fits to nearly all battery-powered multi-tools and quickly turns them into the square saw blade you need! Unlike the traditional drywall saw, the Q Bit blade leaves clean edges and cuts time down to almost nothing. 

The QBit is the perfect cutter for creating the holes needed to run or pull cables, terminate them and install a faceplate, mounting box or other receptacles. While it only comes in a single gang option, the QBit can be used for double- or triple-gang mounts as well — simply move the blade over! If you are required to cut square holes in sheetrock on any occasion the Q Bit Blade will take all the labor and hassle out of it immediately.


If you are wiring a residential or commercial building, the MagnePull QBit is the ideal time-saver. Discount Low Voltage stocks this 1-gang wall box cutter that pairs perfectly with the company’s MagnePull Wire Fishing System, MagneSpot Reference Point Locator and other wire-pulling tools. Go to our Cable Tools/Testers page for more ways to simplify the installation of fiber optic cables, coax cables, audio cables and other wires. All of our tools ship free when part of a qualifying order.


Those who do a lot of low-voltage wiring installs will appreciate the QBit Wall Box Cutter. Our discount prices save you money now and the QBit will save you time later compared to hand saws. It arrives within two to five business days so you will have it in time for your next project.


The Discount Low Voltage customer service team can assist you by phone or email with questions about this tool. We also have a demonstration video that shows you how the QBit works. Every purchase of this tool comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Need help deciding which Q Bit is correct for your wall box? Take a look at the chart here and then click the correct link below to purchase:

1) SQ1000-S-C 1-Gang Metal Box Saw (2.125" x 3.25")
2) SQ1000-S-LV 1-Gang Low Voltage Mounting Bracket Saw (2.25" x 3.625")
3) SQ1000-S 1-Gang Electrical Box Saw (2.375" x 3.75")
4) SQ1000-D 2-Gang Box Saw (3.75" x 4.00")


  • Cuts holes for gang boxes in seconds
  • Exact cut everytime
  • Compatible with most oscillating power tools
  • Universal mounting rotates 360 degrees
  • High quality American made and engineered
  • Stainless Steel construction for extended life
  • Size 2 3/8" x 3 3/4"
  • Videos