QBit SQ1000-S-C 1-Gang Metal Box Saw (2.125" x 3.25")

Reference#: 76857
Item#: SQ1000-S-C


The Q Bit SQ1000-S-C 1-Gang Metal Box/Bracket saw is an innovative tool that makes cutting in-wall boxes fast and easy! The Q Bit fits to nearly all Multi-tools, and quickly turns them into the square saw blade you need. Unlike the traditional drywall saw the Q Bit blade leaves clean edges and reduces cut time down to almost nothing.

Need 2-Gang, 3-Gang or more? Simply cut your first hole, then just move the blade over! If you are required to cut square holes in sheet rock on any occasion, the Q Bit SQ1000-S-C Blade will take all the labor and hassle out of it immediately!

Need help deciding which Q Bit is correct for your wall box? Take a look at the chart here and then click the correct link below to purchase:

1) SQ1000-S-C 1-Gang Metal Box Saw (2.125" x 3.25")
2) SQ1000-S-LV 1-Gang Low Voltage Mounting Bracket Saw (2.25" x 3.625")
3) SQ1000-S 1-Gang Electrical Box Saw (2.375" x 3.75")
4) SQ1000-D 2-Gang Box Saw (3.75" x 4.00")


  • Cuts holes for gang boxes/brackets in seconds
  • Exact cut everytime
  • Compatible with most oscillating power tools
  • Universal mounting rotates 360 degrees
  • High quality American made and engineered
  • Stainless Steel Construction for extended life
  • Size 2 1/8" X 3 1/4"
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